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Our Story: The Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition

We are a coalition of volunteers dedicated to promoting Complete Streets projects and policies in Pasadena, California. Our belief that everyone should be able to live and move safely in our city inspires us to work for cleaner, healthier, sustainable, and more inclusive transportation and planning solutions.

The early members of our coalition began meeting on July 1, 2013 after cyclists Alan Deane, Jocelyn Young, and Phillip O’Neill were each fatally hit by a person driving a car in Pasadena on separate occasions within the year.

Our first action was to call for an overhaul and strengthening of the City’s Bicycle Plan to include a larger and more comprehensive network of protected bike lanes and Roseways (low-stress neighborhood streets). A new Bicycle Plan was subsequently passed in 2015, and Pasadena CSC continues to hold the City accountable for the implementation of that plan.

We’ve grown over the past five years so that we now work on various aspects of Complete Streets, including biking, walking, transit, and greenery. We organize and participate in a wide range of activities to promote Complete Streets, including community events, education, campaign-based advocacy, policy support, and placemaking.

Who we are and who we want to be

We are people who use many modes of transportation. Most of us drive too, in addition to using public transit, riding our bicycles, and walking for exercise, commuting, and errands. We live all over Pasadena, or near Pasadena. We have a diverse range of backgrounds, but we are actively seeking even more diversity in age, background, experience, and reasons for using non-motorized mobility options.

Together, we make up a 100% volunteer-driven organization, completely independent of the City of Pasadena. We’re DIY and have only a miniscule budget. Yet we manage to get a lot done!

CSC members often say that one of their favorite things about the group is that we’re always open to new ideas. Want to change a policy, advocate for an issue, create a program, throw an event? If you’re ready to work, let’s do it!

How we work

We have one general meeting per month, usually on the first Monday from 7:00–9:00 p.m. In addition to the monthly meetings, we have occasional smaller group meetings to work on various collaborative projects and campaigns. You can usually find the date and location of our next meeting on our Facebook event feed (regardless of whether or not you use Facebook!)

More about Complete Streets

Complete Streets, also known as “livable” streets, are streets designed for everyone. They provide safe access for all users, regardless of age and mode of transportation. Pedestrians, bicyclists, driver, and public transportation users of all ages and abilities should be able to safely move along and across a Complete Street.

While the exact design of a Complete Street will depend on local needs, some examples of Complete Street elements include highly visible crosswalks, transit stops designed for greater comfort and accessibility, pedestrian signals, bike signals, median islands, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, street trees, and water-collecting bioswales.

Learn more about Complete Streets

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