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Our Streets Can’t Be Complete Until Black Lives Matter

Posted by Pasadena CSC on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition advocates for safe streets for everyone. Historically, we have focused on safety from traffic violence, but we are speaking up for safety from violence borne out of systemic racism and bias.

Streets are public space where we have the right to voice our dissent against injustice in a democratic society. Tens of thousands of people across America have taken to the streets to declare “No More” to the killing of Black people.

Our streets are supposed to belong to everyone. They don’t. And for Black people, the streets are deadly in ways they are not for other Americans. Black people are killed at higher rates just for walking, jogging, biking, or driving.

We know that we cannot achieve “Complete Streets” as long as Black people are not safe. We call upon law enforcement–who take an oath to serve and protect–to keep that oath for every individual no matter the color of their skin. We commit to challenging racism and stepping up to the daily work of being anti-racist. We call on Pasadena’s elected officials to do the same.

Tags: Black Lives Matter, systemic racism

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