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Climate Change and Pandemic Call For Constructive Actions Big and Small!

Posted by Cary Belling on Monday, March 30, 2020

This piece draws parallels between needed action to deal with the crises of pandemics and climate change. It reminds us of how our individual constructive actions combine to create change on both a local and global level. Contemplation on the beauty of nature is encouraged, as it can support us in the current crises as well as compel us to get involved with restorative efforts like the Pasadena CSC.

A man smiles for a selfie in front of a sign that says 'Chantry Flat Recreation Area - Angeles National Forest'. He's wearing a bright blue helmet and glasses, and looks exuberant. A bicycle loaded with supplies is propped up in front of the sign.

Author and composer Cary Belling on a bicycle trip to one of our local beloved natural parks.

A few days ago during a...

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Reflections on Pasadena’s Transportation Problem

Posted by Christy Moision on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I attended the Climate Action Forum on Tuesday, February 4th to hear our candidates for Mayor and City Council answer questions about our city’s response to the climate crisis. The varied questions hit upon many possible solutions to our current situation. However, I came away feeling that Pasadena’s leadership has a blind spot when it comes to the extent of transportation’s effect on climate change.

A question is projected on a screen behind three people: “If elected, would you support declaring a climate emergency and considering the climate crisis in every decision you and council would make?”. All three people -- Terry Tornek, Jason Hardin, and Victor Gordo -- are holding up a sign that says “YES”

The mayoral candidates attending the climate forum answer a series of YES/NO questions. From right to left: Terry Tornek, Jason Hardin, and Victor Gordo


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Passing the Torch: Remembering David Wolf

Posted by Wes R on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Two men stand together, smiling proudly at the camera. One holds a spiral-bound book in front of his chest; the title is “Pasadena Passages ”.

Then-councilmember Terry Tornek (left) and David Wolf (right) show off a copy of David's Pasadena Passages booklet, c. 2014

David Robert Wolf (January 1, 1965 - December 21, 2019) was a lifelong Pasadenan, a visionary architect and urbanist, and a dear friend to many of us at Pasadena CSC. We grieve his loss, remember his life, and invite you to share in his vision of connection.

As we look to renewal in the first year of this decade, we also look to the past for guidance. Patterns of change tend to echo through time, and one of David’s gifts was the ability to see those patterns and make them visible to others.

David and his vision...

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