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Ghost Bike Memorial for Alan Deane 9/22

Posted by Colin on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A bicycle painted white to commemorate a cyclist killed by a driver

Alan Deane was a much loved member of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley bicycling communities. A talented musician and thoughtful activist, he was also a figure in numerous progressive groups, musicians’ groups, and was a regular at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum.

Alan was tragically killed by a motor vehicle driver in Pasadena on September 22, 2011 (Alan’s 61st birthday) as he was riding to KPCC for an event. The driver was ultimately convicted of Reckless Driving and was given a mere slap on the wrist for taking Alan away from his friends and family. His death was one of several that motivated the formation of the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition.

Join us for the memorial installation of a ghost bike for Alan on the 5th anniversary of his untimely death. All are welcome. ​

Attendees are welcome to say a few words about Alan and to bring flowers and/or candles.

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Memorial Gathering for Phillip O'Neill

Posted by Ace on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Please join us next week Wednesday for a memorial gathering at Phillip O’Neill’s ghost bike in Pasadena.

A man plays a guitar in his memorial photo

Phillip O’Neill was riding his bicycle on Del Mar Blvd. when he was struck from behind and killed by a motorist on June 15, 2013. Phillip was 25, a cyclist, a martial artist, and had recently started a career in science policy advising. He is remembered and well-loved by his many friends and family.

Pasadena CSC formed in July 2013 as a direct response to a string of fatal bicycle fatalities in Pasadena, including this one.  On this third anniversary, we’d like to come together once again to remember Phillip, quietly reflect on the past three years, and pledge to keep moving forward.

This will be a quiet, casual event; however, all who feel led are welcome to attend. We’ll be giving the ghost bike some new decorations and TLC, if you’d like to bring flowers, candles, etc. - although your kind and respectful presence is the most important thing.

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Walktober - Pasadena Pedestrian Safety Month 

Posted by Blair on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One of the outcomes of this past May’s Pasadena Pedestrian Safety Workshop facilitated by CA Walks, the Pasadena City Council declared October to be Pedestrian Safety Month on Monday 9/28.  Representative from Pasadena CSC, Walking Pasadena, Stop 4 Aidan, Day One, and the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association attended the meeting to receive the official proclamation and to underscore the need to focus on pedestrian safety in the City.  Indeed, with 7 pedestrian fatalities over the past 5 years alone, we can do better.

Along these lines, group members have also come together to host a series of of free community events for Pasadena’s first “Walktober” (October is National Walking Month). Join us in exploring the city on two feet and learning more about how we as a community can make Pasadena even better for walking!

Walktober 2015 Schedule of Events

Led by DPNA President, Pasadena Transportation Commissioner, and expert walker Jonathan Edwards, the guided tour will provide attendees an opportunity to learn more about City’s ongoing efforts to improve comfort and safety for pedestrians, provide suggestions/input on how our City can be made safer for walking, and connect with other walking enthusiasts over drinks. The walk will take us through some of the “Pasadena Passages”, a series of alleyways, streets, and courtyards that could be linked and enhanced to make the City’s downtown core even more unique and walkable. Meet in front of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, on the northeast corner of Colorado and Madison (kitty-corner from Urth Caffe).

Explore Pasadena’s iconic Colorado Boulevard from end-to-end with the founder of Walking Pasadena Sunday October 25th! An encore of a great walk the group did in 2014, the Colorado Boulevard tour will begin at the intersection of Sierra Madre Blvd and head west to cross the Colorado Street Bridge. Walkers will then have the choice of heading back to the start,  or hopping on one of many Metro and Foothill Transit buses (fare $1.75) that traverse the corridor back to the starting point. Guided by Sarah Emery Bunn, the walk is 3.79 miles one way, approx 2 hours depending on your speed and how many times you stop to take photos. Meet at the corner of Sierra Madre & Colorado (in front of Vons) at 9AM.

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