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Take Action: Tell Council to Keep VMT!

Posted by Blair Miller on Thursday, January 9, 2020

(aka Didn’t We Do This Already?)

A poster, featuring a person riding a bike, asking people to email their councilmembers by January 13 in support of VMT

The tl;dr for those who don’t nerd out over policy

In 2014, Pasadena became the first city in California to adopt progressive new metrics (known as “VMT”) for predicting the traffic impacts of new residential or commercial projects, and for determining what needs to be done to relieve those impacts. Shortly after Pasadena adopted the new pro-environment VMT metrics, the state of California followed Pasadena’s lead.

Bringing to mind the many EPA rollbacks we saw last year – now this progress is threatened. Next week, Pasadena’s City Council will review the City’s approval process for new developments. As part of the review, they appear to be considering a rollback to an outdated measure (known as...

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Renewal 2020

Posted by Boris Suchkov on Monday, December 30, 2019

“Changing course from car-based to people-based cities in this century will require leadership and decisive action.” - Janette Sadik-Khan (NYC Transportation Commissioner, 2007-2013)

An elementary school student at 2019's Walk to School Day carries a cardboard cut-out of a yellow school bus as he walks.

Photo: A Pasadena elementary school student holds a "Walking School Bus" as he leads a group at Walk to School Day, 2019.

2019 was a challenging year for Complete Streets in Pasadena. City Hall showed no reaction to a slew of car crashes around Pasadena, including the two that killed Michelle and Anthony. Common-sense, years-in-the-making transportation improvements like LA Metro’s NoHo-Pasadena Bus Rapid Transit line continued to get pushback from a small group looking to upend safer streets and climate change goals. With Governor Newsom vetoing the Caltrans Complete Streets bill, there are no new external...

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Bridges: Restoring Balance to a Wounded World

Posted by Cary Belling and Candace Seu on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

“With its flowing streams, lush vegetation, and preponderance of wildlife, this part of the Arroyo [beneath the Colorado St. Bridge] has the potential to be a wonderful natural area just a minutes away from Old Town Pasadena. But it has been seriously damaged with badly planned construction, dams, and drainage. As you walk along the trails you smell beautiful plants and flowers along with the stench of a sewer.

“Looking at the amazing and beautiful arching columns supporting the famous bridge, I thought that if we could create such a majestic and beautiful structure above - surely we could do better to restore the Arroyo below to its natural beauty. The conflict between technological progress and ecological treasures such as the Arroyo is what inspired me to compose ‘Bridges: An Ecological Tone Poem’.”

– Composer Cary Belling, March 2018 (SoundCloud)

When Cary introduced his ecological tone poem...

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