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People, Plants, and Water: Caring for the Future Together

Posted by Candace Seu on Monday, October 28, 2019

Children stand on top of a Hugelkulture mound at the side of a bioswale

When snowpack melts off the San Gabriel Mountains, and whenever it rains in Altadena and Pasadena, the water seeps down into the ground to refill the Raymond Basin, the giant underground aquifer that provides 40% of Pasadena’s water.

The water that falls on impermeable street surfaces is swept to the ocean, lost to us forever; but the water that falls on soil remain in our ecosystem and eventually percolate down into our reservoir. It’s a gift that nourishes life, if we’re prepared to receive it.

Our walk started with a simple idea: we wanted to highlight the Pasadena Public Health Department and Pasadena Water and Power’s new hydration station at La Pintoresca Park, and connect that with the water-wise plantings at nearby Washington Elementary and Washington Park. Both locations showcase the...

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Glenarm Power Plant: Seeing Things Anew

Posted by Blair Miller, Jeff Hall, and Candace Seu on Saturday, October 26, 2019

Two turbine towers rise above the Glenarm Power Plant

Electric power is invisible to us - it’s one of the things we take for granted in a modern world. When we plug the lamp into the wall socket, it simply turns on. What was once magical has become mundane. This tour inspires people to notice and appreciate the production of this essential force – the electricity that powers our lives – in a completely new way.

In much the same way, we hope that Walktober allows people to think about walking – as a social activity, as a way to get and stay healthy, as a mode of transportation, and as an opportunity to learn and explore – with new eyes.

An industrial-purpose spherical vessel stands next to a metal catwalk in the plant

The center of the facility is a combined...

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Reflections on Why We Walktober

Posted by Candace S on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Attendees of the Mayor's Tour walk through a City Hall breezeway

I had a brilliant friend during graduate school who worked on a constantly shifting schedule - frequent 18-hour math benders followed by 10 hours of sleep. What I found most striking about this schedule was his habit of taking long, meandering, solitary walks during those late nights of work. He said those helped him to figure things out.

My friend’s walks are the polar opposite of the ones we planned for Walktober 2019: each with a carefully planned route and destination. And yet – perhaps because we’re all volunteers who were improvising along the way – Walktober as a whole felt like my friend’s journeys through the night.

We’d originally envisioned Pasadena’s Walktober to be a celebration of walking. We simply wanted to build a sense of pride around walking as a deeply human...

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