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Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition Projects

The projects highlighted below are only a small sampling of the work we do. Check back as we update this page…

North Fair Oaks

In early 2016, the North Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative of Northwest Pasadena asked Pasadena CSC to serve as a resource as they began advocating for a Complete Streets treatment of the North Fair Oaks corridor. We helped them to organize a community workshop, and in 2017, their team successfully asked for and won a variety of traffic improvements. We continue to partner with the NFO Empowerment Initiative as they pursue even bigger wins for their community.

DonutTree Kaleculator

How much CO2 can you save and how many donuts (or kale) can you eat if you walk or bike on your next short trip? Find out with our DonutTree Kaleculator! (New! Updated for 2019 to include people who use wheelchairs, strollers, and kale!)

We put this together for the Earth Day 2018 festival to show people that even small transportation changes can have real benefits for their health, as well as the environment. In particular, we wanted to give people a tangible way to understand just “how good” it could be to walk their next short trip, and we wanted it to be more fun to compute. Hence the donuts. (Or kale, if you’d rather have kale fun.) Try it out - we think you’ll like being the operator of our DonutTree Kaleculator.

Pasadena’s Mobility Plan

The City of Pasadena is slowly moving toward better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and we have been present at every step since 2013 to advocate for faster change, greater community involvement, and a more thorough network to protect our most vulnerable citizens. We continue to organize for high-quality improvements (including buffered and protected bike lanes) using a variety of tactics, including petitions, letters, and public testimony.

Orange Grove Boulevard

Orange Grove Boulevard is being considered for safety improvements – fully funded by CA state grants – that would curb speeding and reduce the risk of traffic crashes. We’re advocating for public input from the neighborhoods along Orange Grove that stand to benefit most from the economic and safety investment, including those west of Lake Ave.

NOTE: At this time, the Pasadena DoT is convening two working groups (east of Lake, and west of Lake) to discuss the safety concerns of various stakeholders in those two regions.

Visit our Orange Grove project site.

Image source: NACTO Urban Street Guide (link)


A parklet is what you get when you re-imagine a parking space as…a park! We think that the creative use of public spaces is a great way to connect with people and to spark new ideas and imagination, so whenever we get a chance, we go outside for a few hours to build, dream, and play.

We often work with other local groups - contact us if you’re interested!

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