Walktober 2019 Press Release - September 27, 2019

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Walking + October + Pasadena = Walktober Grief

Pedestrian’s Death Casts Shadow Over City Celebration of Walking

Pasadena, CA, September 27, 2019 -- The Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition intended to send out a press release this week about Walktober 2019, a month-long celebration of walking in Pasadena for which we’ve compiled and produced more than 30 events throughout October. The press release extolls the joys of walking for health, community, and fun. We’ve been getting friends and neighbors to put up posters and distribute postcards all over the city.

Then we learned that a Pasadena resident named Michelle was struck by a car while crossing a street a few days ago. We learned that she’s on life support in the hospital, brain-dead; as soon as her family can gather to say their goodbyes, they are likely to stop the life support and let her go.

Michelle was crossing the street within the crosswalk, with the walk signal.

We can’t reconcile that we’re promoting the joy of walking in Pasadena, while at the same time grieving the death of a person struck by a car as she crossed the street.

When will this city realize that wide, leafy streets and pretty architecture don’t make Pasadena truly great for walking until we can all walk safely without being injured or killed?

Rather than trying to reconcile the joy and the grief, or shrug and focus on one, we’re going to keep doing both.

Thus, we announce that we are dedicating Walktober 2019 to the memory of Michelle and all the other people killed or injured while walking in Pasadena in the past year.

The next press release, with Walktober details and highlights, will follow in a few days. Information is up at www.pasadenacsc.org/walktober2019 and on Facebook at @PasadenaCSC.

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