Complete Streets: Because our streets should be beautiful, safe, and accessible to everyone.

Hi! We're the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition (Pasadena CSC): an advocacy group dedicated to promoting Complete Streets projects in Pasadena, CA.

Complete Streets is an inclusive and humanistic approach to transportation and street design. It recognizes that people and communities have a range of needs, and seeks to meet those needs by building streets that are safe and multi-functional, instead of streets that are narrowly focused on speed.

Our vision is of safer streets for everyone, including people who want to walk, bike, and use other forms of active transportation. We believe in the power of walking and biking to reconnect people with their communities, find joy in everyday movement, and take control over their own health.

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What we do: build community, re-imagine transportation, and advocate for streets that put health and safety first.

Complete Streets is bigger than just "biking" or "walking", and in the same way, Pasadena CSC is bigger than any one activity or focus. There are many ways to get involved!

Sometimes you'll find us advocating for vulnerable road users at Pasadena city meetings. Other days, you'll find us working with neighbors to get a new crosswalk or do a street safety audit. We love to hang out and learn from each other, and we often host fun social walks, rides, and artistic events. We're always excited when new folks show up to help.

CSC members come from a wide range of backgrounds, and our projects reflect a variety of interests. If you're the tiniest bit interested in safer streets, we think you'll find something to like.

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This October 2018, Pasadena CSC is collaborating with Day One, Pasadena Heritage, Old Pasadena Management District, the Playhouse District Association, and others to celebrate Walktober, a month of promoting walking in cities and towns all over the world. Walking is a deeply human activity, and we are proud to offer a full slate of tours, crawls, strolls, and exercise events that, in our opinion, reflect a wide range of reasons and ways to enjoy walking. As a bonus, many of the events (including all of those hosted by us) are free!

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