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Updated May 10, 2019.

Do you want safer streets? Would you like to comfortably ride a bike, skateboard, scooter, or other wheeled device in Pasadena?

If your answer is “yes”…


Here are 2 simple actions you can take to ensure that an accessible network of walk/bike/skate+ friendly projects is installed in Pasadena:

1. Take our bike survey!

Time: 10 min, Biking in Pasadena Survey

The City can’t fix what’s wrong or unsafe about biking in Pasadena if they don’t know what the problems are. We’re collecting information about people’s riding experiences in Pasadena. Your stories will be shared with the City to identify pain points and to push for data-driven solutions.

Take the survey: tinyurl.com/pasadena-bike-survey.

2. E-mail your Council Member about funding projects in the City's Bicycle Master Plan!

Time: 5-10 min (Pasadena residents only)

Every year, the City reviews its budget allocations for projects under the Capital Improvements Program (CIP). Tell your Council Member to support the Transportation Advisory Commission’s recommendation to invest in the City’s Bicycle Program!

Step 1: Find your Council member’s e-mail address.

If you don’t know your council member, use the tool at cityofpasadena.net/find-my-district/.

District Council Member [name] @ cityofpasadena.net
1Tyron Hamptonthampton
2Margaret McAustinmmcaustin
3John J Kennedyjohnjkennedy
4Gene Masudagmasuda
5Victor Gordovgordo
6Steve Madisonsmadison
7Andy Wilsonawilson
Bonus points! CC the City Clerk so that the entire council gets a copy of your email:
Mark Jomskymjomsky

Step 2: Personalize, copy, and paste your email:

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